Learn EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), your no. 1 self-help tool and become your own therapist

3-Hour Intensive Workshop for groups or individuals at BalanCHIng® Center or via SKYPE

  • History (from Roger Callahan to Gary Craig to …)
  • The power of emotions or how suppressed emotions may cause (chronic) physical illness
  • Points and Tapping procedure (the whole sequence, not just a shortcut)
  • Issue, aspects, details – be specific (what questions to ask)
  • Daily self-care protocols/healing rituals
  • Practical examples (one-on-one session with participants)
  • Booklet with charts
  • Questions and answers (one month email support after the workshop)
Click to order now!
Click to order now!

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Any information received by your Holistic Health Practitioner is not meant to disregard that of your Primary Healthcare Provider. If you are pregnant or nursing, consult your practitioner/midwife before consulting other services. Holistic well-being is a lifelong journey that involves practice and is not free from adverse affects. I am a Holistic Health Coach, Nutritional Advisor and Professional Counselor and not a licensed medical physician, dietitian or naturopathic doctor, and therefore do not prevent, diagnose, or claim to cure physical and mental diseases, disorders, and injuries. I am not qualified, nor do I intend to advise against the use of traditional medicine. Rather, I hope to educate clients about the intrinsic self-healing abilities of our bodies when provided with a balance of mind/body/spirit well-being.








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