Emo-Flow Readings

Thank you, Monika!
I really appreciate your work on me. I felt relieved and…there’s much more joy in places that were blank or hidden, before.
The last couple of weeks wouldn’t have gone well, without the work you did that weekend.
I hope your weeks have been blessed, and that you are feeling well, and are happy!

Jen S., Washington, USA

Systemic Family Constellation – The Order of Love & The Power of Forgiveness



Expressive Art Therapy for Teens with Trauma & Anxiety

00Art TherapyAfter participating in conventional therapies, my teenage daughter who has crippling anxiety, was more anxious than ever and began having panic attacks while out in public spaces, she was not able to go out unsupervised. We decided that she needed to try something different and found that Monika offered dance therapy which she was very excited about. After a few visits of Monika’s unconditional support, kindness, acceptance, and love she began to trust and has excelled far beyond what we thought possible. She is now able to go out socially and has decided to go into the public high school after being homeschooled for her whole life. Monika has helped to give her insight and control over her anxiety and we thank her for changing our daughters’ life!

Catherine Collicott and John Brown, Port Alberni


I have known Monika for three years, initially in her professional capacity as counselor, especially for grief counseling, and then as colleague and friend. I found her counseling to be very empathetic and insightful, helpful and growth-promoting.
Monika loves working with children and teenagers. She has worked with groups of 5 to 12 year-olds in our annual Vacation Bible Schools (Summer Bible Day Camps). She has shown much empathy and ability to help shy children express their feelings through different modalities of Expressive Art Therapy (drawing, role-playing etc.).
Monika is a very creative and loving person. She loves to see people grow emotionally and spiritually.

Hildegard Vickers,  Diaconal Minister, Erickson Lutheran Church


I feel very fortunate to have met Monika Marguerite Lux through the Oceanside Women’s Business Network and I want to take Thank You Thursday to say thank you so much for the amazing Reiki Session Monika. I had a fabulous sleep and feel so energized now that I know I will get work caught up and all ready for Christmas.

Beth Ross, bDigital, Parksville

WOWS23 is all I can say after my first session of Reiki with Monika!!! After a depressing experience at HollyHock last week which left me in pain for 10 days, I can say that not only am I pain-free physically, but that something shifted in my spirit as well. A sense of calm and well-being pervaded my soul, and I know that I will be able to embrace the me that I ha
ve been fighting against for a very long time.

Thank you Monika! I feel so blessed to have had the good fortune to find you in this paradise we call home!!!

I.O., Parksville, BC

000Grace 000Grace1My highlight of the year is definitely the learning and attunement to Reiki with my friend, Monika. This has opened a path and widened the way of living for me as it gently erodes old thoughts and habitual thinking. It helps me to stay balanced with a little practice every day. And gosh, it makes me feel good!

G.S., Lake Audy, MB

I wanted to say to you that it was you who changed my life with the Reiki reading right before I moved so never ever give up. You have so much to offer and I believe many of your services are unique! You are one of a kind my friend and eventually you will have abundance in your business field.

K.D., Tennessee, US

EFT-WorkshopemailEFT – Emotional Freedom Technique

I was experiencing some unsettling emotions that manifested in physical pain. It was uncanny how Monika managed to focus on those emotions buried and unrealized for so many years and help clear them. I still have some work to do but I feel blessed to have met Monika and experience the depth of her training and intuition.

K. L. G., Qualicum Beach, BC

Friday was Self Care Day. I was drawn to take an Introductory Workshop of EFT. Normally I invite my friends and shout to the world ahead of time what I’m planning; but knowingly I kept this one private. EPT and EFT are not new to me, I’ve had sessions with Nora Gremm and my coach Lois Zehr for years with great results. There were three of us in the workshop and because it was intimate there was freedom in sharing. Thank you Lord when you blast past all the trappings and get right to the core for healing. I give You the Praise. Thank you Monika Marguerite Lux for your insight, your sensitivity and being the facilitator. I feel liberated and excited about another hurdle being jumped. We have been created in a magnificent way, we simply don’t know what we don’t know. It often takes a helping hand. I was a grateful recipient yesterday.

B. A., Qualicum Beach, BC

Monika M. Lux did EFT with me and, surprisingly, removed a severe anxiety disorder from my system. When she started this with me I didn’t know what this was about, but the effect was phenomenal. Now I just want to learn more about it.

G.S., Lake Audy, MB

Raindrop Technique – Vitaflex – Emotional Release

I received this treatment today from my talented friend and Reiki master Monika M. Lux – she improved my height by a full inch, calmed my mind and regenerated my muscles and mind gently and effectively. I HIGHLY recommend a Raindrop Technique with Monika. I feel amazing.

Shawna Hrysak, Winnipeg, MB

EFT Basics Workshop
EFT Basics Workshop

After meeting for an interview with a journalist from the local Newspaper “South Mountain Press”:

It was wonderful to meet you and to experience your healing center! I have thought about you since then and I look forward to putting together an article and spreading the word.

I just wanted to share something with you.  A dear friend of mine was diagnosed with breast cancer yesterday. And the way I reacted to it was much more hopeful and positive than it would have been before I met you! Thank-you for sharing your beliefs with me 🙂 You have made my world a better place!

M. H. from Shoal Lake, MB
Article in the South Mountain Press
Article in the South Mountain Press

Reiki, Kinesiology, Sytemic Constellations and Cancer:

Reiki was very calming and relaxing. I never felt the need for medication to manage my worries and stress about my disease. It helped me stay focused and well-grounded. I was able to cope with endless appointments, travel and accommodation arrangements, my mother’s death and funeral arrangements – all the while fighting for my life!

While plagued with fatigue, nausea and vomiting throughout Chemotherapy treatments (and long afterwards), these symptoms were kept manageable by Reiki.

As Chemotherapy destroyed my body physically I lost 35 lbs. I was constantly reminded to stay away from public places due to my compromised immune system. In the past 12 months I haven’t so much as had a cough or a sniffle. (I guess, energies are flowing and balanced.)

I have had massage therapy many times throughout my life and have enjoyed the benefits of same. Due to the type of cancer I had, I was strongly advised not to pursue this type of therapy. So Reiki seemed like an option. In my experience I’ve found Reiki every bit as calming and relaxing as massage therapy WITHOUT the pain that often accompanies deep massage.

As I continued losing body mass from Chemo, physical weakness became a serious problem at times. This was only compounded by a complete loss of appetite. Working on my meridians with Applied Kinesiology went along with restoring proper re-aligned strength and the determination to eat at all costs.

I have had digestions problems all my life which certainly contributed greatly to my current cancer issues. It was only after THREE sessions of re-aligning and balancing meridians that my whole digestive tract calmed right down. No more bloating, reflux, diarrhea etc. I was wondering “So, this is what it’s like to feel “normal”? Wow!”. I feel great and truly appreciate for the first time in my life having a HAPPY digestive system.

After just a few sessions my physical body became more balanced and my mind became more balanced too – no irrational or fearful thoughts or worries.

I have learned EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) with Monika in a group workshop in 2008. The basic recipe with positive affirmations from the sessions helped me move away from negative thoughts. “Down times” are fewer and less exhaustive. Tapping helps remind me that I can control my thoughts and it’s very affirming. EFT has very much helped me control anxiety and worry especially in this pas year of illness. And there’s still a work in progress…

After a recent re-diagnosis I began to wonder if my illness was “my” illness and has its roots in my past or if it was passed to me by spending time with my terminally ill mother. Her chronic ailments were very draining for the both of us and certainly  became dramatically more so as I tried to assist with her care and deal with my own illness. It was very easy for the lines to blur.

In working with Monika and Systemic Constellation Therapy I found out that my illness was in fact mine. I learned that I had to own it, take responsibility and not fight it but accept it as a teacher, My responsibilities are to MYSELF and to the dis-ease in MY LIFE. I had to change my way of thinking about the whole business. I had to acknowledge the illness and not “beat it”! My body was not my enemy!

With this new focus and the assistance of my Guardian Angel (my aunt Margaret) and everything else I was able to draw strength and courage to resolve past issues and as well improve as move forward towards unlimited health.

Jeff K. from Erickson, MB 2011/12

Learn some exercises detailed to your health issues...
Learn some exercises detailed to your health issues…

Medical Qigong

I suffered insomnia since I was about 20 years old. Since I’m practicing Medical Qigong and Energy Exercises at least once a week I’m SLEEPING LIKE A BABY!

M.N. from Erickson, MB 2011

I have taken Monika’s classes. When I started her class I was so full of tension. I came home from my first class and thought “What is different?” My body and mind where completely stress free. I went to bed and slept so peacefully. I will continue to go to her classes.

C. B. Onanole, MB 2011

I must say first of all I have never felt soooo relaxed!! Wow, I felt like a limp noodle last night. All the stress was gone. It is true what they say “When the student is ready, the Teacher will appear.”

C. B. Clear Lake, MB 2012

00QigongQigong for Better Backs and Balance: Excellent sessions with Monika at Qualicum Beach Hot’n & Cool Yoga Studio. Relaxing, calming, balancing… thank you Monika. Appreciate that you put everything into these classes to make my day!

B. F. Qualicum Beach, BC 2016

Qigong for Better Backs and Balance: I heard about Qigong from a friend who said she loves it.
I decided to experience it for myself. It was great; it was offered locally in Qualicum Beach. Monika showed her enthusiasm for the art of Qigong with her guidance of movements.
It was a refreshing change of exercise sequences. Finding peace in the flow of movements and energy balance.
Love the walks.

Y. R. Qualicum Beach, BC 2016

S23Reiki and Systemic Constellation Therapy

I first experienced Reiki following the death of my Granny.  I felt very stressed and was dealing with a lot of grief before my first session.  Initially I wasn’t sure what Reiki could do for me but was pleasantly surprised.  Throughout the session I could feel my whole body relax – I felt much warmth and energy passing from the top of my head to the tips of my toes.  It was almost like all of the negativity and grief was being channelled out of my body.  Reiki helped me to feel more grounded and allowed me to clear my head.  It brought about a real sense of calm that I hadn’t felt in years.  I felt very relaxed and able to deal with my emotions as they came to me.  Reiki is a must if you desire to be healthy in mind, body and spirit.

Constellation work was very useful when my boyfriend and I (now married) were unsure of our future.  By laying out where we were in our life, where we had been and where we wanted to go, it gave us both the confidence and the knowledge to move ahead in our lives.  The constellation also allowed us to see issues from the other person’s point of view.  By having the understanding of an issue from both your own and your partner’s perspective, decisions are made much easier.  We felt much stronger and closer as a couple. It also allowed me to have realistic goals in regards to my future.  Constellation work is a wonderful tool for individuals and family units alike.  A problem is solved much easier when all people involved are exactly where they are supposed to be and contributing their individual strengths to the unit.

Shawna and Dale from Winnipeg, MB 2009

0BalanCHIngMethodLife Cycle Counselling:

Hallo Monika, mir geht es fantastisch. Die session tat mir sehr gut. Ich moechte umbedingt weitermachen weil ich habe das Gefuehl habe, als ob noch viel mehr raus will. Und, jetzt arbeite ich an den “Affirmationen”. Danke nochmals, es war so powerful.

(Hello Monika, I’m feeling fantastic. The session was very healing for me. I would like to continue working with you because I have the feeling as if there are still some things left I have to deal with. Now I’m working on my affirmations. Thanks again, it was very powerful!)

G.S. Clear Lake, MB 2013

When you’re in your eighties you might be thinking that you had enough time to cope with your past, but it always gets back to you. I lost my husband and two of my children, was psychologically abused during my marriage. I was looking for help and didn’t know where to start. “The body will tell us” Monika said and went back in years to the event in my life that obviously bothered me most because my muscle became weak during muscle testing. I told the story around this traumatic incident and found out that I felt the same emotions I had when it happened more than 40 years ago. I started to cry and we tapped on the extreme stress with EFT. The session took two hours as we both, Monika and me agreed on working through the issues without break. It really was hard work but it was worth it. I’ve NEVER felt as peaceful in my life before. When I left her yard I suddenly felt energized, joyful and light-hearted like a child. Thanks so much!

B.M. Lethbridge, Alberta 2008

I had a migraine for a long time already and all the drugs I’ve been taking are helping me only for a certain time before the terrible pains come back. My friend told me about Monika and EFT and I decided to try it out. I mean what do you have to lose? It was a sunny day and the beauty of that place already wipes away your sorrows. Monika suggested to sit outside and offered me something to drink. First we were talking about the present situation, the days when I get my migraine and how long I suffered already. Then she asked me about events around the time my migraines started. I told her about my mother’s death but that I don’t see a connection. However Monika insisted to dive deeper into this issue as she immediately sensed how it still affected me emotionally. After tapping on different aspects with EFT and doing a trance exercise in which I could say to my Mom whatever I couldn’t say to her when she was alive because of her sudden death, I felt a strong relief and inner silence. Thanks so much for the insights and the surprising aha-effect.

G. J. Erickson, Manitoba 2008


My neighbour suggested to contact Monika. I had lost my wife two months ago and was mourning day and night. People around me had told me that I would not behave normal as men wouldn’t cry that much and would get over it quicker and easier than women and I should try to behave myself. Monika ensured me that everything I felt would be very common in the grieving process and that beliefs about how men or women should behave are learned in our childhood. Now I was allowed to cry and release and I felt welcome with all my fears and sadness in a safe place for the first time. After talking about my emotions Monika suggested to do some Reiki. She said Reiki would be the “comforter” for all those who are grieving. First my thoughts seemed not to stop and the restlessness continued but suddenly I felt this incredible calmness. My muscles relaxed, my breath went deeper and I felt warmth and peacefulness. Then I felt asleep. When I woke up I felt -like Monika calls it- “grounded” again and I knew that my wife was well wherever she was. For the first time since my loss I felt back to life. What an unforgettable experience. Thank you so much and good luck for your business here Manitoba. You are an Angel, God bless you.

R. L. Sandy Lake, Manitoba 2009

First I just was curious about this kind of energy healing. Monika and me were co-workers at that time and the more she told me about it the more I longed to experience a session. I had problems with my ankle for a long time already and sometimes I could not kneel down to get the whip cream out of the fridge. It was summer and I had the pleasure to receive my treatment outside under a georgeous tree on Monika’s lawn. During the treatment I felt tingling in my legs and I could see rainbow-like colours. I felt asleep couple of times during Reiki and after the session I was relaxed and energized at the same time. I love sitting in the grass and so we enjoyed a cup of tea and were talking about my first experiences with this healing method. Suddenly I felt tears of surprise and happiness in my eyes and I said to Monika “Look how I’m sitting. I have my ankle bent and it doesn’t hurt at all.” We hugged and I couldn’t wait for the next session. Now I can understand how Reiki lets energy blockades disappear and helps strengthening the own inner healing properties again. Thanks so much. XOXO

S. H. Winnipeg, Manitoba 2008


Qigong & Energy Healing Presentation at “Generations” (Teahouse and Gift Shop)

Jean is cute. After your presentation we were walking to the car. She made a little sound. I looked at her, we got into the car, and she said, “I feel good …………………for no reason”. I laughed and said, “Monika will like that”. When I dropped her off she said she’ll be calling you to have a session with you.

C. W. Sandy Lake, Manitoba 2008

EFT Workshop:

Most workshops are inside a building with artificial light and in a big city. So I appreciated it a lot to be able to sit outside for the whole day and enjoy the beauty of this unique place and the summer weather while learning about the Emotional Freedom Technique. The workshop was well organized and thanks to Monika’s husband we had snacks in the morning, an awesome lunch and coffee in the afternoon. Everything was explained in a good understandable way even for people who had no idea about Meridians or Energy healing. Monika is a very humorous instructor and intuitively creates a lot of metaphors which really made this workshop a very unique and vivid experience. In the afternoon we worked on our personal issues on a one-to-one basis while the others could watch and learn how to dig deeper and discover the important aspects. I first thought it would be boring just to watch, but the way Monika was counselling the workshop members was such an exciting experience I would not have wanted to miss. Thanks to Monika and her husband for that great day.

A. W. Saskatoon, Saskatchewan 2009

IMG_2027Reiki Level I Workshop:

Reiki Level I was a two-day workshop at Double M Ranch. As the weather was gourgeous we had all our attunements in the middle of Monika’s medicine wheel under the blue sky. For me it was important that I’m in a small group and I was glad that there were only the three of us. We all agreed on staying a little bit longer on Saturday and could leave earlier on Sunday. Everything was provided. Monika’s husband cooked for us and Monika had prepared a detailed booklet. The workshop was well organized and after lunch there was time enough to talk to Monika about some personal issues. I enjoyed her humorous and easy way of teaching and the grounding and meditation exercises we did during the lessons. At the end of the workshop we all received a beautiful certificate. Thanks a lot and I wish you a lot of customers for your professional future in Manitoba.

J. P. Onanole, Manitoba 2010

After the last attunement I knew “I will never be the same”. This workshop changed my life. I enjoyed our one-on-one teaching and our conversations about the life principles and spiritual philosophies. I’m still looking forward to every Reiki exchange we’re doing! It’s an adventure of spiritual and personal growth! Thanks so much!

H. V. Erickson, Manitoba 2014

000emailReiki 000CindyReiki Master Workshop:

This workshop was very good! I can tell that you put a lot of thought, time and effort into the sessions and handouts! You should feel very proud! All my questions were answered.

T. C. Onanole, Manitoba 2014

Meditation Workshop:

What I really liked about this workshop: 1. it was OUTSIDE 2. nice SMALL group 3. Exchange of thoughts and FEEDBACK following each activity 4. multi-sensory experience                 I would definitely be  interested in a Chakra workshop!

R. E. Brandon, Manitoba 2014

The workshop was very informative showing the different methods for learning meditation and self-evaluation. The Area was perfect for this experience, very open and scenic, but also quiet and far removed from any distractions. As for the activities and exercises, I found the segment involving the conjuring of positive thoughts while observing oneself  in a mirror to be very confronting and eye-opening. Definitely something I will try again!

T. E. Brandon, Manitoba 2014

A very good workshop. This was my second 3-hour workshop after the Qigong introduction workshop last year and very time I learn new ways of self-care. Monika always spends time with each group member and explains and shows techniques and exercises in a way that everybody can understand by using various examples and metaphors.

M. W. Erickson, Manitoba 2014

Monika was very empathetic and provided not only useful information but practical exercises to reinforce this information. She provided tools that will help me deal with my cancer-related issues. I enjoyed this great mix of information and practical exercises very much! I would be interested in a Reiki session and the Fairytale workshop!

J. A. Minnedosa, Manitoba 2014

Click here to listen to the testimonial
Click here to listen to the testimonial

Chakra-Balancing Workshop:

I really enjoyed the mixed media presentation and interaction of materials, instructor and participant – drawing, music, dance, sound and moving through the Chakra constellation… makes sure the experience and knowledge stays longer than the day! Thank you very much and good luck for your business!

S. S. Clear Lake, Manitoba 2011





How about a Sound Bowl Meditation?
How about a Sound Bowl Meditation?

Sound Bowl Massage:

First of all I love music. Therfore I immediately liked the tunes of soundbowls being played with a mallet. Then I don’t like to be touched like in a classical massage, but I like the idea of vibration through my body. And it really was a unique experience. The bowls echo for such a long time. The tunes of all the bowls fit together and the vibration feels so pleasant. I really could relax and enjoyed the treatment very much. I would like to recommend soundbowl massage to everybody.

C. W. Sandy Lake, Manitoba 2011


3 thoughts on “Testimonials

  1. i have had the oppt work with Moinka on a variety of techniques. The first time I met her, I knew she was special and very skilled! In a world where we are always searching and seeking self care, Monika’s treatment can be life changing. Her reiki sessions are incredible, very unique! Manitoba’s loss is BC’s gain, now that this talented woman has relocated. Don’t miss a chance to be mesmerized by Monika!


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