Resume with Credentials and Reference Letters

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MONIKA MARGUERITE LUX                                          Phone:  (250) 752 – 8152

1707 Country Road, Qualicum Beach, B.C., V9K 2S3            Cell:  (204) 720 – 8161


Highlights of Qualifications

  • 18 years of experience as an Alternative Health Practitioner
  • Certification as a Reiki Master/Instructor, Applied Psychologist, Professional Counsellor, Applied Kinesiologist (Specialty: EFT Master (Emotional Freedom Technique), Touch for Health & Brain Gym), NLP Master-Coach, Systemic (Family) Constellation Therapist, Relaxation Trainer (Specialty: Qigong), Aroma Therapist, Sound Bowl Therapist, Ayurveda Massage Therapist, Raindrop Therapist
  • Demonstrated respect, support and co-operation in a team environment
  • Experienced in leading groups in a confident and motivating way
  • Proven communication skills like building rapport quickly, active-listening, problem-resolution in a respectful, ethical, caring and empathetic way
  • Expert organizational skills – able to create a work schedule for the day and follow it through as well as deal with interruptions
  • Ability to set financial goals and manage the budget, risking when appropriate, assessing and weighing financial decisions responsibly


Important Character Traits:

  • honest, empathetic, self-confident, responsible, reliable, open-minded, outgoing, precise, persistent, determined, tolerant, versatile, enthusiastic, caring



  • Proclamation from Health Minister J. Rondeau: World TaiChi & Qigong Day as a recognized yearly event in Manitoba


Relevant Skills & Experiences 

Spa Experience

  • Responsible for time management according to the schedule
  • Prepared the room for the specific treatment and cleaning up afterwards
  • Explained treatment to the guest in an understandable but precise way
  • Providing feedback to the team in a tactful, discreet and diplomatic way
  • Encouraged guests to buy certain products in the gift shop
  • Provided constructive feedback to the management to streamline processes


Alternative Health Experience

  • Self-confident in applying the different philosophies
  • Continuous learning through self-education as well as taking workshops
  • Experienced in public speaking and presenting health projects
  • Expert teaching skills – able to explain precisely, communicate clearly and listen actively


Customer Service Experience

  • Multicultural and bilingual (German and English) interactions one-on-one as well as in group settings
  • Proven ability to assess problematic situations & solving them based on evaluating multiple aspects
  • Consistently noted by supervisors for outstanding friendliness and genuineness in customer care



  • Member of Canada Day “Erickson” Committee
  • Leo, the RBC Mascot, Chamber Days Parade in Riding Mountain National Park
  • Presenter of the Blue Water Project at RBC branch Erickson
  • Event Manager and Presenter of World TaiChi & Qigong Day 2013 & 2014
  • Facilitator of Art Therapy Exercises at the Erickson Lutheran Bible Camp 2013 & 2014


Work History

Spa Therapist, Elkhorn Resort Spa & Conference Center, MB                2012-2014

Alternative Health Practitioner,

Contractor with Senior Centres and MPI, MB                                                2007-2014

Customer Service Representative, Royal Bank of Canada, MB         2008-2014



Diploma in Professional Counselling, VCCT, BC     (18 months)     2009-2010

(Member of the Canadian Association for Counselling & Psychotherapy)

MA in Applied Psychology, NLP Master Coach , Systemic Constellation Therapy and Applied Kinesiology (EFT Master – Emotional Freedom Technique, Touch for Health & Brain Gym)

Campo Molinari / NLPK Private Institute, Germany         (36 months)     2003-2005 

REIKI Master and Teacher/Instructor,

W. Stang Reiki Institute, Germany                                                                     1997-2006

(Level I, II, III Master and Instructor)

Relaxation Therapist (Specialty: Qi Gong),

Body & Soul Academy, Germany                         (3 months training)       2003

Raindrop Technique, Vitaflex, CARE Association, MB                       2014

Reconnective Healing I/II Dr. Eric Pearl, USA                                      2013

Matrix Energetics I/II Dr. Richard Bartlett, BC                                      2013


Computer Applications Course, Adult Learning Centre, MB           2008

  • MS Word, Excel, Publisher, PowerPoint, Internet, Email


Certified Ayurveda Oil Massage, Mahindra Institute, Germany      2005   

Certified Aroma Therapy, Sungai Institute, Germany                        2003

Certified Sound Bowl Massage, Sungai Institute, Germany              2003        



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