Thoughts about Remembrance Day

wp_20150814_5957The sky is grey, the mountains covered by a blanket of fog and mist. Outside, the rhythmic sound of raindrops hitting the table on the porch, jumping back and dripping down.

It’s quiet in the room, just the monotonous humming of the fridge. My thoughts are going back to yesterday’s conversations with numerous people during the day. “We’ll remember the heroes, serving our country.” one person said. “My uncle was cold-bloodedly shot by a German soldier because he was injured and therefore too much of a burden to be transported to the prisoner camp.”

Are there really heroes in a war, I silently ask myself. For me heroes are always outside a situation where human beings are killed. Heroes for me are people like Mother Theresa, who make the world a better place and live their lives spreading love. I cannot see how one person killing another person could be a hero. For me there are no winners or losers in war times. It’s solely destruction of human life, destruction of buildings, destruction of the psyche.

I don’t feel like honoring soldiers today. I’m not proud of my grandfather for being a soldier. I think if the war could have been avoided, I would have been able to get to know a man, who just wanted to be there for his family, but was only able to see his two sons on one of his leaves. He left behind his wife who had to flee from the Russians and start her life over in a foreign country as a single mother.

“But they are defending our homeland” somebody else said. Well, if there is no attack, nothing needs to be defended. “You are talking like a little child” my friend replied to my idea about worldwide disarmament. Maybe, but children wouldn’t cause a war. This is about the adults who have radical thoughts; adults lacking intelligence, responsibility and a sound common sense. And there are so many who are easily, out of fear,  incited through manipulative powers, to commit crime against mankind.

“A great deal of fear is a result of just “not knowing.” We do not know what is involved in a new situation. We do not know whether we can deal with it. The sooner we learn what it entails, the sooner we can dissolve our fear.” says Eleanor Roosevelt. But so many people do not want to learn; they prefer to be stuck in this convenient state that doesn’t require responsibility.

Then, we have another passionate proponent for war throughout history: religion. Planned to be a haven of safety and love the church is ruled by ruthless, mercenary conspirators. Although not visible to everyone those wars go on and on underneath the surface. I never liked churches, those gigantic buildings with all the saints, dressed in dear beat-gold. Perhaps I always had a nose for dishonesty and this was one of the first places I could hardly breathe because of the pungent odor of lies filling the whole space.

Long story short, today I will celebrate humanity and love! I will light a candle and send loving thoughts and prayers to heal the world. I change the title from “remembrance” to “choice”. Today is my “Day of Choice”! We have the freedom to choose in every second of our life. Wow, how powerful is that? Freedom, Choice, Love, Humanity… Powerful words! We should use them more often and stand behind them. The constants in life are about making a choice, welcoming the change that comes with it and living by one’s highest humanitarian values that represent love, honesty and responsibility.

If mankind could make the right choice, wars could be totally avoided and the world would be suffused with peace.

Namaste, may love and peace be with you all the time!


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