The ART Of TAPPING – a powerful combination of art therapy and meridian tapping

000art-therapyExpressive Art therapy is a collection of therapeutic approaches that involve creative arts like drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, dancing, role-playing, creative writing, and storytelling. Art creation is a medium to express and explore our emotions and experiences.

The benefits of art therapy are derived through sensory stimulation, activating different brain regions. Art expression stimulates the brain’s tactile-haptic, visual sensory, and perceptual channels; processing then occurs through cognitive and verbal channels. Also involved are various aspects of informational processing, as well as spatial placement (Gestalt therapy) and symbolic memory. Expressive Art Therapy expresses itself in metaphors and symbols. In a metaphor, there is an additional meaning to a word. This makes it an example of symbolism.
A symbol is something that represents, stands for, or suggests an idea, belief, action, or entity. Symbols are essential elements of the collective unconscious which always is ready to offer hints and clues, suggestions and solutions to all the life issues we have to deal with.

The application of Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT also called “Meridian Tapping” or “Acupuncture without Needles” engages our subconscious mind in permanent change and transformation. All of our habitual responses, thoughts, beliefs, habits, behaviors and opinions are controlled and determined by our unconscious mind. We operate on instinct without thought. EFT allows us to examine and if necessary change many of the social, religious, parental, educational and self-limiting programming and conditioning from our past in a very gentle way.

Combined, those two modalities build a very powerful team, called “The Art Of Tapping” (created by The BalanCHIng® Method). The Art of Tapping provides a brief therapeutic, resolution-focused tool for anybody with post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), grief, pain, anxiety (social phobia) or depression.

The Art of Tapping has the power to reprogram our outdated subconscious rules, updating them, changing them or completely rewriting them so that our way to think, feel and do all fully support our conscious desires and outcomes.

This is your time to live up to your full potential, free of fear, failure and sorrow! You deserve to live a balanced and happy life!

Dare to break free and live your magic!

I’m hear to help you and your family! Book your complimentary 30-minute informational session now!

Always remember that “Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.” ~Mahatma Gandhi


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