7 Chakras – 7 Years

In all the ancient cultures you can hear and read about the SEVEN-YEAR-CYCLE in a human being’s life. I believe in this cycle and I share the following insights with a lot of spiritual energy workers:

  • From birth to seven years you are dependent on your tribal family in order to SURVIVE.
  • From eight to fourteen years you form your first RELATIONSHIPS to Kindergarten peers and school mates; you learn what works and what doesn’t work as a social being.
  • Fifteen to twenty-one years you try hard to figure out WHO you are in this world, you test your concepts and ideas and develop your beliefs (what’s true for yourself).
  • Twenty-two to twenty-eight years you try to find Mister or Misses Right, fall in love and enter the state of MARRIAGE; you either break the patterns you were taught or remain loyal to them.
  • Twenty-nine to thirty-five years, when your kids leave the house (Kindergarten, School or Apprenticeship) you question your concepts about yourself, your PURPOSE and MEANING in life and your integrity (stick to your principles).
  • Thirty-six to forty-two is the HEALING CYCLE: as you became aware of your patterns of the past and your subconscious beliefs come to life, you now can decide what you will carry forward and what you will not. You definitely start on your spiritual journey and you notice that surrounding yourself with positive people is more important than any materialistic things.
  • Forty-three to forty-nine is dedicated to your FAITH, about believing in a HIGHER GUIDANCE and trusting your own inner DIVINE INTUITION.


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