The importance of understanding, identifying and releasing emotions

00 Wellness Show smallEmotions operate on many levels. They have a physical as well as a psychological aspect. Emotions bridge thought, feeling, and action – they operate in every part of a person and they affect all areas of life.

Emotions control our thinking, behavior and actions.

People who ignore, dismiss, repress or just ventilate their emotions, are setting themselves up for physical illness. Emotions that are not felt and released but buried within the body or in the aura can cause serious illness, including cancer, arthritis, and many types of chronic illnesses.

For me awareness is one of the essential ingredients for starting a successful healing journey. It doesn’t matter how old we are, getting to know ourselves or respectively raising our awareness about our emotions, thoughts and actions helps us in dealing with our unfinished business, with trauma, grief and beliefs that block us from setting free and living our true, unique, authentic selves in a happy and successful way.

The earlier we become aware, the better we can deal with life’s various challenges. I often think how nice it would have been for me as a teenager to know at least some of the things I have learnt the hard way.

Therefore I feel, it is my mission to help adolescence become more aware of their emotions, how they influence their beings and how to release them as quickly as they can.

I’m often asked “What exactly is an emotional release. I have just cried about being hurt.” Of course this is a sort of release but not the kind I’m talking about. A true and deep emotional release can only happen when the “Awareness Questionnaire” was answered and you had this “Eureka” or “Aha” effect, an understanding of or insight into the trauma of being hurt. Questions to ask would be: “Why did you feel hurt by this person’s words?” “What emotion or belief came up inside of you?” (like “I’m not lovable”, “I’m not good enough”) “What trauma in your childhood triggered today’s reaction?” etc.

I would like to share with you a huge emotional release I had only about 4 years ago.

I was an only child and had an overprotective mother. She did not want me to make too many social contacts or friends because she feared that a child is very receptive to bad influence and easily follows the wrong people. Most of the day I was alone with myself and during the winter our basement seemed to be my sanctuary. I had collected lanterns people had thrown away onto the garbage at our local graveyard, just across the elementary school I went to at that time. When playing the adventurer, I’ve always had been, down in the cellar room, exploring old fantasy caves and fantasy pyramids in a far-from-home fantasy lands, I had all the lanterns lit. Their flickering light and the dancing shadows made my adventures feel real and sometimes it was hard to go upstairs to have supper and face my cold and lonely world. Down there I wasn’t lonely. I had my unseen “helpers” for my expeditions and there were fairy tale figures like sorcerers, princesses and knights. I felt save. At least that’s what it seemed to be for a child my age (between 6 and 8).

It was during the Raindrop Technique course I took when the instructor asked who would like to lay on the table when she demonstrated the Emotional Release technique.


Of course I wanted to volunteer because I felt that this could be a good possibility to get rid of some more trauma from the past. Smelling the aroma therapeutic oils and feeling the hands of the practitioners on my back did one part of the job, letting fall myself deep into a meditative state and asking God to bring up whatever is still buried in my suffering soul did the rest. Suddenly I felt as if I was catapulted back in time into the cellar room with all the candles and lanterns burning. But this time it didn’t feel safe anymore. It felt as if I was buried ALIVE. I couldn’t hardly breathe and tried to lift the lid of this big coffin that gave the impression of being imprisoned. I started to cry and grief the friendships with classmates I never had and the part of childhood that felt lost forever. Then a sunbeam hit my eye coming through one of those tiny windows, pointing to the door that would lead to stairs up to the main floor with the living room and the kitchen. A voice told me that the door is not locked and now it would be time to leave the room and the house behind me and feel a new way of personal freedom but also a gratitude for what had happened in my childhood. “Gratitude” I asked God “You must be joking! I lost part of my childhood. While other kids were playing with each other, celebrating parties or having sleep overs, I was captured in this house like a prisoner. What the heck should I be grateful for?” I enjoyed the wave of self-pity that felt so comforting. “Well,” he explained to me “First of all, you survived and it prepared you for your journey as a counselor in many ways. Second, you learned to be alone with yourself and love your own company which made you not just independent and strong but also enables you to teach others to reconnect to their inner child and accompany them on their grieving journey.” I became quiet and reflected about my own journey and thanked God for everything learnt through my past experiences. After the treatment I felt re-born, energized and at peace with myself and my life.

I am AWARE though that there will be more things to release all the time as LIFE IS IN MOTION and we are experiencing things every second that might trigger the even tiniest trauma from the past that seems so comfortably forgotten but may surface when we need it least.

My counseling and coaching sessions are about teaching you awareness and how to release trapped or hidden emotions within minutes. I want you to live your fullest potential! I’m an advocate for mental health in adolescence with the help of expressive art therapy.

Let me help you! Let me help your child, teen, young adult! Book a 5-session-package for just CAD 499.00 plus tax and you save CAD 76.00 (individual 60-minute session CAD 115.00 plus tax).

Emotional Freedom Technique Skype/Facetime workshops and individual sessions are available!


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