Ho’oponopono – The Hawaiian Healing Ritual – Heal yourself to heal others

0HoonoponoHo’oponopono was mainly known through Dr. Len and his story of healing eight mentally ill prisoners. This event is considered as a therapeutic miracle and shows how effective Ho’oponopono works. Incidentally Ho’oponopono meanwhile became a recognized therapy in some parts of the world, showing powerful results in more than fifty scientific studies.

Ho’oponopono for me is the most clearly structured and most easy-to-use self-healing system that exists, to restore harmony within oneself  and peace with people, with nature and with God.
With this technique, our soul finally can come “home” and find the inner peace/balance we need to live a happy, fulfilled and successful life. As soon as we have ARRIVED our environment starts to change and heal as well and we find the harmony in life we’ve been searching for such a long time. 

There are two principles involved.

  2. The principle of RESONANCE and ACKNOWLEDGEMENT

First we need to love, accept and forgive ourselves (look at the EFT – Emotional Freedom Technique Affirmation: Even though I think/feel … I deeply and completely love, accept and forgive myself! or the famous quote: If you want to soar, you first have to learn how to FLYFirst Love Yourself)

Then we have to look at how we created the conflict and what part we’re playing in this drama. What are we seeing in the mirror that life keeps holding up in front of our face? What kind of experience has my soul to make now? How will going through this conflict help me on the long run? What will I learn and how many new exciting opportunities will open up through my self-growth? (This part reminds me of Systemic Family Constellation Therapy, when you speak your truth with powerful words, arising from acknowledging your own involvement as well as the universal laws within certain systems)

The words are easy to learn. Do not underestimate their power though, when spoken with sincerity and heart-felt warmth (LOVE), emerging from the depth of your soul:



“I’m so sorry!

Please forgive me, as I forgive myself. 

I love you, as I love myself.

Thank you. “


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