EFT Self-Help Workshops – accessible everywhere in the world!

Smiling friendly woman with headset.
Smiling friendly woman with headset.

There’s nothing quite like the comforts of home, even when it comes to getting an education.

The age of the internet has transformed the way we do a lot of things, including the way we learn.

It’s now possible to do a workshop or learn the world’s no. 1 self-help tool without leaving the house, and in spite of job or family commitments.


The time and energy saved through distance education can be astronomical. Avoiding a hectic commute and the hassle of trying to make it to class on time can help keep your mind free of stress and anxiety. When the weather turns bad, forget about fighting the elements, just turn on the coffee pot. If you live in a remote area, choosing distance education can mean living in your own home in comfortable surroundings instead of packing up and moving to an unfamiliar place.

Less Interruption of Daily Life

Distance education allows you to continue your full or part-time work schedule or even look after a family or other commitments while you are learning. You’ll have the best of both worlds, without too much of an interruption to your daily routine.


With distance education, you’ll save money on gas and Motels. If you want to learn something that’s only offered in special cities or countries but have to live within a budget, this option could be financially feasible for you.


Learn the EFT Self-Help Tool including a unique personal EFT therapy session and continuing email support!


Fill out the contact form below and I will get back to you within 24 hours!



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