Can Reiki replace conventional Psychotherapy?

Reiki is God's gift of the divine flame of healing
Reiki is God’s gift of the divine flame of healing

Being an Intuitive Counselor I can answer this question with a definite “YES”, when it is done the way I do it.

I have to admit though that nobody just learning Reiki as only modality will be able to work that successful. I think it works so great for me because I have the psychological education as well and have lots of experience as a counselor.

I started my Reiki Journey 1997 after my father’s sudden death. Not being able to see my father and say goodbye to him after he had passed away was very traumatic. Receiving and learning Reiki enabled me to heal my grief and enter a new relationship with my father that released all my emotional pain and gave my life a new purpose.

Shortly after I had finished my Reiki Level II I had first encounters with spirits and found out that I was highly intuitive, being able to connect with energy fields quickly and getting the information that was important for the person I was working with at that point in his/her life and thus enabled a full emotional release from any traumatic event.

Whenever I sense a lot of sadness and emotional pain I suggest Reiki as it is such a gentle way of healing. Reiki healing is not the result of an interaction with a human being like the therapist in conventional psychotherapy but the Re-connection to an all-knowing, all-loving energy that was still known to us when we were very young children. No matter how we call this higher power or energy (God, Universe etc.), it guides me to the special issue ready to be dealt with and gifts me with deep empathy to find the right words for my client that initiate the release/letting go and infinite healing.

The difference with traditional psychotherapy is easy to see. The therapist does a long assessment with lots of questions before even starting the session and then all he/she does is asking questions again, about a possibly painful childhood. Nobody likes to be questioned like a prisoner and although it’s supposed to help, many people told me they wouldn’t like to talk all the time being starred at by the therapist.

A Reiki session, the way I do it, is pretty unique and transformational. And I respect my clients’ wishes not having to talk and rather express themselves through the visions/readings that are coming up during the Reiki through the connection with their energy field. It’s working so well because the subconscious of the client only reveals what’s most important for the client to work on at this point of time.

Let me explain it with the help of two examples.

A client came to me, explaining that every year when the anniversary of her child’s death was approaching she had to go through the pain of grieving again and it seemed that she couldn’t find peace in her life anymore but she had gone to several behavioral-cognitive counselors with no result at all and she didn’t want to explain everything that had happened over and over again. I promised that I would not ask anything, just do the Reiki and let her heal in her very own pace. We did 5 Reiki sessions. In 4 of them she was just crying, her body was shaking and all I did was holding her close to me or holding her hand and after the session debriefing what I saw, felt or heard while giving Reiki to reassure being on the right track. During the 5th session she stopped crying and a peaceful smile covered her relaxed face. When she opened her eyes she said “I’m healed! I was able to connect to my son in a most miraculous way and all the memories we shared in his short lifetime now make me happy and not sad anymore. It was as if God said to me “Cherish every moment you spent with someone you loved because those were my gift to you!” How would I ever have been able to do this when I would have kept on grieving. Now I’m just filled with gratefulness for being blessed to share moments of unconditional love with my child.” I met her after a view years and she told me that the overwhelming grief and sadness never came back and that she could have saved lots of money spent on counseling if she had known about Reiki earlier.

Then a client came to me who had strong depressions and asked me if I could help but she only was able to come once because she was on holidays. I explained that it always depended on what the energy fields of the subconscious are ready to reveal but that her openness for working on this issue would be the first step. And in my prayer that I’m always doing before a session I asked for showing me the best way to help. I immediately sensed immense sadness and tears where running out of my eyes. I couldn’t make out a special person but lots of losses. After the treatment I asked if my client had lost many loved ones and she answered with a “No”. Now a Reiki practitioner, only doing Reiki without psychological background would probably be startled and not know how to proceed. As a systemic family constellation therapist I asked her about the loss of children in form of still-birth or abortion. It turned out that she had 3 abortions in a row and that her husband did not want to talk about the matter but just insisted on stopping the pregnancy before it was too late. From a family constellation point of view those unborn children are part of the family system and cannot be excluded. I told my client to give her children the names she had in mind no matter if she knew whether the child was male or female, honor them by doing a prayer ceremony and planting a little tree for each of them. Then I continued explaining that she has to tell her living children about their dead siblings because it is the family SECRET that disturbs the flow of love within the family and causes illnesses like depression. She thanked me and took one of my business cards. After several months I received an email. She told me that she was off medication and had achieved a quality of life she never had imagined to be able to live – after just ONE Reiki session.

These are only two examples about the power of Reiki but they show that, YES, Reiki can replace conventional Psychotherapy when you first allow it to work on its own and as a therapist just become a channel, funnel or conduit for this intelligent energy, higher source or divine, called God and second have the knowledge about psychology and family systems/natural laws.


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