Self-Growth Workshops

The Art of Meditation 3-Hour Workshop

What’s real mediation and what NOT? Explore different techniques or steps that can lead to meditation when you are practicing on a regular basis and finally are able to master them. Find out what technique fits you best according to your learning/sensory style.


“What I really liked about this workshop: 1. it was OUTSIDE 2. nice SMALL group 3. Exchange of thoughts and FEEDBACK following each activity 4. multi-sensory experience. I would definitely be  interested in your other workshops!” R.E. Brandon, MB


Qigong, Chakra Balance & Art Therapy 3-Hour Workshop

Discover your 7 Chakras and the 7 Qigong (Moving Meditation) Exercises that apply to all aspects of life and your being. After each exercise you will be able to express yourself in a creative way through different kinds of art therapy.


Grief Art Therapy 3-Hour Workshop

Cindy, a very special cat in my life!

Art therapy invites participation in a safe and supportive environment.  Drawing allows an individual the comfort, support and energy to go on with life as a healing process that promotes a sense of joy, peace and relaxation. The art process help the participant move from isolation and loneliness to connection and empowerment; from denial to acceptance; from loss of control and anxiety to relief; and from despair to hope.




  • EFT Basics 1-Day Workshop 

  • EFT Advanced 1-Day Workshop

The Basic Workshop will provide you with a solid, in-depth understanding of, and information about EFT, enabling you to use EFT on a wide range of issues. The workshop size is small enough to ensure individual attention is given to each participant. This workshop is highly interactive, with many question and answer sessions, plus demonstrations for you to observe, and supervised EFT tapping work in pairs. I will support you in developing your skills to a high standard.

During the Advanced EFT workshop you’ll learn thoroughly how to use EFT on yourself and others with ease and elegance, and how to consistently get the results you need and want. It includes counseling skills, like successful communication and active listening as well as problem resolution skills.
After the workshop we will be meeting once a month for the three following months to make sure all questions are answered and you feel confident with this Self-Help Technique

Chakra Balancing 1-Day Workshop

There are seven power centers in your body, called chakras. The state of each chakra reflects the health of a particular area of your body. It also reflects your psychological, emotional and spiritual well-being.

Every thought and experience you’ve ever had in your life gets filtered through these chakra databases. Each event is recorded into your cells. In other words, “your biography becomes your biology.” When chakra energy is blocked or misdirected, emotional and physical illness can arise.

Explore your seven power centers and see how they reflect what’s happening in your body, in your life:

  • Intuitively diagnose your energy
  • Unplug from negative thoughts and perceptions
  • Live as a healthier, more empowered person

In this Chakra Energy Balancing Workshop you will experience a deeper connection to your chakras through meditation and cleansing. You will also explore different balancing techniques according to your personal sensory or representational system (visual, auditory, kinesthetic, linguistic and interpersonal).

As a result, you will have a deeper awareness and connection to your body and your energetic flow that supports more joy and qualify of life.

Inner Child Level I and II 2-Day Workshop      (Level II is never offered by itself, but can be added on the second day)

“Three things are striking about inner child work,” says John Bradshaw, Author of HOMECOMING: Reclaiming and Championing Your Inner Child. “the speed with which people change when they do this work; the depth of the power and creativity that result when the wounds from the past are healed.”
We first see the world though the eyes of a little child, and that “inner child” remains with us throughout our lives, no matter how outwardly “grown-up” and powerful we become. If our vulnerable child was hurt, abandoned, shamed, or neglected, that child’s pain, grief, and anger live on within us.
Do you aspire to be a loving parent but all too often “lose it” in hurtful ways? Do you crave intimacy but wonder if it’s worth the struggle? Are you consumed at times by anxiety or depression? Coming home to your true self may help.
In this workshop you will learn to nurture that sometimes needy inner child, in essence offering yourself the good parenting you need and long for.

Wheel of Wisdom 1-Day Workshop

The Teachings of the Medicine Wheel or how I call it “Wheel of Wisdom” apply to all aspects of our lives. This model of living harmoniously with our environment can be used to guide people into deeper, more productive relationships 4 directionswith each other and themselves.  Using the principles of the Wheel and its four directions can lead people to more understanding of the cycles of human growth, creation, healing, productivity and unity as a community.

Special emphasis is placed on the Four Shields of the Medicine Wheel and the creation of a safe and nurturing container to explore and experience the movement of the Four Directions in the cycles of our lives as we journey from childhood to youth to mother/fatherhood and old age. We will also address what happens when trauma or wounding occurs and how we can recover and heal ourselves.


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