Reiki Workshops

Reiki is Love and Light!
Reiki is Love and Light!



“My highlight of the year 2014 is definitely the learning and attunement to Reiki with my friend, Monika. This has opened a path and widened the way of living for me as it gently erodes old thoughts and habitual thinking it helps me to stay balanced with a little practice every day. And gosh, it makes me feel good!” Grace Stein, Lake Audy, Manitoba
From the European point of view it is mandatory that a students attains a minimum of two full days for Reiki First Degree, a minimum of two full days for Reiki Second Degree and a minimum of three full days for the Master/Instructor Degree! For a European Teacher like me it is unacceptable and unethical to rush through a Healing Art that was once taught as an apprenticeship over years in just a day. Many of my students who were taught two levels on one weekend complained that they had not even understood the Essence of Reiki. I hereby quote one of my last Third Degree students who wrote the following into her essay “I took my training with … It was just a one-day workshop. I found it to be very vague and still have so many questions. I am certain I do not have a full understanding of the process but I also now feel that there is this unnecessary secretiveness around the whole subject that I find frustrating. This Master talked around but not about the subject “Reiki”. There was no discussion encouraged and perhaps no time for it. I’m choosing a new Master and Teacher because I hope to fill the blanks about Reiki I feel I still have…”
This is a shame and makes me very sad. I guarantee you that your questions will not be left unanswered and that I take life-long responsibility for my students. You can always contact me about your experiences with Reiki and all the questions that will come up after a workshop! You will never be alone!
Reiki First Degree
initiations open mainly physical body, so that you can absorb more life-force and let it pass through yourself. Altogether, the introduction to the first degree includes four energy transfers which raise the vibration frequency of four upper energy centers.
First initiation tunes on physical plane the heart and the thymus, while at a level of etheric body it harmonizes chakra of the heart. Second initiation influences on the thyroid: at a level of etheric body it favours the opening of the throat chakra, which is our “communication centre”. Third initiation influences on so-called “Third Eye”, which corresponds to the pituitary body (the centre of our higher consciousness and intuition) and the space of interbrain (hypothalamus) which regulates our body temperature and moods. Finally, fourth initiation opens up the crown chakra (the link connecting with the spiritual existence) and its physiological correlate – the pineal gland. The crown chakra, being the last confirmation of the existence of Reiki channel, finally determines the transfer of energy. Since then you can provide the power of Reiki for the rest of your life. If you are once initiated, you will never ever lose that ability. Even after many years of break-time, you can use the power of Reiki again, if you just feel like. It is available for you in every moment of your life.
You will also learn about Dr. Usui’s Life Principles and basic hand positions.
Reiki Second Degree
initiations acts more radically. “The quantum leap” increasing the vibration frequency is four times stronger than at initiations of the first degree. There are activated also three symbols which we use in healing at a distance. While at the first degree the physical body is being transformed, then the second degree force transfers fit the etheric body to new levels of vibration. Furthermore they sensitize our intuition, because they influence on the forehead chakra or so-called “the Third Eye”. 
Because the second degree of Reiki, providing a new level of energy, increases the vibration frequency in physical and etheric body – after this happens, like after the first degree, the 21-days period of purification and refinement. Our body and our energy centres need to switch to more subtle vibrations. Furthermore, during the initiation, we learn new techniques and auxiliary appliances conducive to internal growing and development. Initiations of the first and the second Reiki degree differ qualitatively. The first raises the energy of physical body to a new level so that it is able now, as a clear channel, to take over and hand on Reiki force. Initiations of the second level influence directly on etheric or bioplasmic body and stimulate especially energy center of intuition, near the pituitary gland. Hermetic science recognizes the pituitary gland as a transceiver of telepathic information. This means that it functions as extremely sensitive antenna.
After initiations of the second degree, emanating from the centre of the intuition wavy energies of our thoughts seem to change. While earlier they blurred into broad circles, now they have clearer contours and it’s much easier to focus them. Now it’s easier for us to “send” and “receive” at telepathic level. In short, the second degree sensitizes the intuition and we’re supposed to easily open ourselves to its messages. A healthy intuition in our times is almost essential to life. 

Reiki Third degree – Mastership – Instructorship

initiations make us a master or a mistress. They further increase the vibration frequency and activate the symbol of the master. Since then we are authorized to initiate the others. We can show in and share the methods with the others to make them able to provide the power of Reiki by themselves.

This is an important point of view. We need to understand that wish of receiving the initiations and empowerment is our own, absolutely personal business. Reiki Master has no power to dispose of his “disciples”. Reiki Master is just somebody who helps an adept to “hook” up the REIKI energy.

Reiki initiations are a rare, one-time gift.

They let us feel our true essence. Sometimes we can feel it indistinctly and at the moments of widen consciousness we can perceive it rapidly for the short while. Reiki provides this stream of consciousness with a continuity. And, as we regularly use a self-therapy, our consciousness will deepen and extend. Deciding on treading the path of Reiki initiation until the end, you set in motion a process of deep development. You lead your consciousness to its natural rate, and at the time of purification and refinement you reject old structures of thought and behavior. With a beginning of initiation you take a decisive step: you accept that you are the masters of your own fate.

We’ve got a choice to live healthily in due harmony with people and the world. For this purpose, we only need to listen to the voice of our “higher self” and follow it. Then our life will find its natural rhythm. Whatever we do, we do it at the right time. “Higher self” knows everything. It’s not limited by time nor the space. It doesn’t need mind nor logic. Intuition rules over all-embracing knowledge, because it includes the past, the present and the future, and consequently the cause and effect. Our intuition leads us always to a positive result, even if it seems to contradict conclusions of the mind.

For the further development of our intuition we must learn to distinguish between desires instilled in us by the mass culture, and the other derived from the “higher self”. Watch your EGO! The voice of intuition gives us peace and harmony, even in seemingly contradictory and disharmonious circumstances, while excessive desires throw us into a whirl of incessant activity. Therefore, let we rather listen to the voice of peace and wisdom instead of voice of imperious demands beyond measure. First will give us harmony, while the other will make us finally dissatisfied.

Communication is any means by which an individual relates experiences, ideas, knowledge, and feelings to another. Communication can be expressed through both speech and gestures. It is important that instructors know how to effectively communicate with their students. The Reiki Instructor Level is devoted to information and activities designed to develop active listening and communication skills effective for working with students, clients and little groups.

Active listening is an essential instructor skill. One of the most common mistakes instructors can make is confusing “hearing” and “listening”. Hearing is merely noting that someone is speaking. Listening, however, is making sense of what is heard and requires the individual to constantly pay attention, interpret, and remember what is heard. Hearing is passive; listening is active. The passive listener is much like a tape recorder. If the speaker is providing a clear message, the listener will probably get most of what is said. For instructors, this is not enough. They must be active listeners. Active listening requires the listener to hear the words and identify the feelings associated with the words. Instructors should be able to understand the speaker from his or her point of view.

You will also learn how to create and present a workshop!



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