Qi Gong – The Gentle Art of Healing

Qi Gong is one of the easiest self-healing techniques you can learn!
Qi Gong is one of the easiest self-healing techniques you can learn!

For over 4 millennia men and woman from the Far East have practiced a self-healing method that requires no strength, no effort, and very little time. It’s so safe that young children and the elderly use it even to this day.

It can be done standing, sitting and laying down because it’s much more than just movement… It is the combination of BREATHING, MOVING, SENSING, IMAGINING AND REFLECTING!

When used correctly, it circulates your life force energy through your body and activates your cells (REPAIR, REJUVENATION). As you feel this, your life force energy takes your attention and brings it inward. As it grows, your mind connects to the present moment into total relaxation and calmness.

This energy manipulation can be used to heal, strengthen, and nourish your body.

What is QI GONG?


Qigong has a lot of areas of application that I often combine in my lessons:

  1. Healing Qigong (Yi Gong). Healing Qigong (sometimes translated “Medical Qigong”) is the preventive and self-healing aspect of Chinese medicine. We are all exposed to stress. Qigong teaches us how to control our reactions to stress so that life events do not cause such symptoms as high blood pressure, frustration, or anxiety. Healthy people practice qigong to become super-healthy. Healers use qigong to prevent “healer burn-out” and to maintain a positive presence.
  2. External Qi Healing (Wai Qi Zhi Liao). Qigong includes a sophisticated system of health assessment and non-contact treatment called External Qi Healing (EQH). The healer learns to tap into a well of healing energy in nature and “funnel” it through his or her body. Unlike some purely intuitive systems, EQH includes exercises that increase sensitivity to energy fields and efficacy of treatment. The more you practice External Qi Healing exercises and meditations, the more effective your healing treatment. External Qi Healing techniques may be used as a stand alone form of wellness treatment or may be combined with massage, acupuncture, Therapeutic Touch, osteopathy, or any other form of body-work. Because treatment is generally performed at a distance from the body, EQH does not violate psychotherapists’ professional ethics (which do not allow touching the patient) and is thus an ideal adjunct to body-centered psychotherapy.
  3. Sports Qigong (Wu Gong). In sports and martial arts, qigong is the key to strength, stamina, coordination, speed, flexibility, balance, and resistance to injury. Qigong exercises can improve performance in any sport, improving the golf drive, tackling ability in football, accuracy in tennis, and stamina in swimming.
  4. Spiritual Qigong (Fo Gong, Tao Gong). As a spiritual discipline, qigong leads to self-awareness, tranquillity, and harmony with nature. The spiritual aspect of qigong evolved from Taoism and Buddhism.
  5. Art Qigong. In the arts, qigong leads to aesthetic sensitivity. Nature uses our eyes to see herself. The qigong practitioner feels such oneness with nature that he or she feels as though the beautiful pine tree is expressing itself through the brush or poem. Students of theater, mime, and other expressive arts practice qigong to increase confidence, physical and emotional control, and expressive ability.
  6. Business Qigong. In the business world, qigong can lead to greater integrity, defined by brilliant Law Professor Julian Gresser as, “…a sense of connectedness, coherence, wholeness, and vitality. Integrity is the capacity of every living thing to hold its own in the face of entropy, disorder, and uncertainty, its link to the living world, its ability to carry on its life, however humble.” (Piloting Through Choas, p. 8) Qigong practitioners are more resistant to stress; make better decisions; encourage credibility, confidence and team spirit; and are far more efficient. Most importantly, qigong is the ideal therapy for “hurry sickness”– the habitual sense of time urgency– a major risk factor for heart disease and accelerated aging.

Qi Gong Sessions are regularly held EVERY FRIDAY at 10 AM or 6 PM at BalanCHIng® – Centre for Counseling and Alternative Health Treatments in Little Qualicum River Village!

Call +1-250-752-8152 for more info and to register!


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