Ayurvedic Oil Massage – Abhyanga

Relax, Rejuvenate & Heal
Relax, Rejuvenate & Heal







Ayurveda is a 5,000-year-old system of natural healing that has its origins in the Vedic culture of India.

More than a mere system of treating illness, Ayurveda is a science of life (Ayur = life,Veda = science or knowledge). It offers a body of wisdom designed to help people stay vital while realizing their full human potential. Providing guidelines on ideal daily and seasonal routines, diet, behavior and the proper use of our senses, Ayurveda reminds us that health is the balanced and dynamic integration between our environment, body, mind, and spirit.

Recognizing that human beings are part of nature, Ayurveda describes three fundamental energies that govern our inner and outer environments: movement, transformation, and structure. Known in Sanskrit as Vata (Wind), Pitta (Fire), and Kapha (Earth), these primary forces are responsible for the characteristics of our mind and body. Each of us has a unique proportion of these three forces that shapes our nature. If Vata is dominant in our system, we tend to be thin, light, enthusiastic, energetic, and changeable. If Pitta predominates in our nature, we tend to be intense, intelligent, and goal-oriented and we have a strong appetite for life. When Kapha prevails, we tend to be easy-going, methodical, and nurturing. Although each of us has all three forces, most people have one or two elements that predominate.

For each element, there is a balanced and imbalance expression. When Vata is balanced, a person is lively and creative, but when there is too much movement in the system, a person tends to experience anxiety, insomnia, dry skin, constipation, and difficulty focusing. When Pitta is functioning in a balanced manner, a person is warm, friendly, disciplined, a good leader, and a good speaker. When Pitta is out of balance, a person tends to be compulsive and irritable and may suffer from indigestion or an inflammatory condition. When Kapha is balanced, a person is sweet, supportive, and stable but when Kapha is out of balance, a person may experience sluggishness, weight gain, and sinus congestion.

Ayurveda attributes anxiety to aggravated Prana-Vata, a subsidiary of Vata dosha which is associated with worry, insomnia, anxiety & depression. Prana-Vata weakens the nervous system and creates imbalance in the emotional system. It is also believed to weaken the neuro-hormonal system & nerve impulses.

Ayurveda states that oil is to the body as love is to the soul.

Sesame Oil is said to be the only oil that can penetrate all seven layers of the skin and also that it is able to nourish all the organs and tissues. It is very soothing to the nervous system, helps to tone the muscles and eliminate impurities, and it softens and revitalizes the skin.

Regular use of Sesame oil, both internally and externally:

  • Reduces anxiety
  • Aids in prevention of disorders of the nerves and bones
  • Boosts the immune system
  • Prevents constipation
  • Reduction in chronic pain
  • Slowing of the aging process

The way of Ayurveda is the tradition of massage which becomes an important ritual to celebrate the purification of body and mind. Luxuriously relaxing, blissfully comforting, the Abhyanga massage gently applies warm oils to relieve accumulated stress and toxins from the body and mind as well.  It is nourishing for all body types.

Some of the benefits that can be expected from the regular performance of this pleasant warm oil ritual:

•    Increased circulation, especially to nerve endings
•    Toning of the muscles and the whole physiology
•    Calming for the nerves
•    Lubrication of the joints
•    Increased mental alertness
•    Improved elimination of impurities from the body
•    Softer, smoother skin
•    Increased levels of stamina through the day
•    Better, deeper sleep at night
•    Relieves fatigue
•    Promotes health in many ways.

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